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"Thank you for our two beautiful Doberman puppies. We get compliments on them all the time, they are majestic beautiful boys with perfect markings and very healthy and their intelligence are ever surprising. They are seven months old now, Apollo weighs 84lbs and Zeus is right behind him. We would highly recommend the Apollo Kennels if you want a quality Doberman. Thanks "

Tom and Thaydra , SC


"My dog is certainly a testament of the quality that comes out of your kennel. He is priceless. You should be very proud. I will keep in touch. Take care."

Robert W. , Michigan

"Thought you might like these. Our 120lb. Sampson turns 4 on October 29th. Best dog."

Joe M. NC


I wanted to reach out to you to give you some photos of the puppy we purchased from you back in 2018! I have been meaning to send you some updates because I have been reminiscing on old puppy photos from when we first got him!

His name is now Roscoe. He is handsome, smart and loving! He will be 2 yrs old in a few months and weighs roughly 95 lbs. We get compliments all the time. He is definitely my best friend and I love him so much!"

Amber N., SC


We had just lost our last Doberman and found Apollo Kennels. We were so fed up with scams on Dobermans that had us so scared and frustrated. Apollo was so up front and honest that she let us drive down to pick out pup at 2 weeks old. She was so careful we couldn't even touch him due to not having his shots that we immediately knew her concerns were for the dog's health more than anything. We fell in love immediately and we had our baby picked out. If you're searching for a Doberman, you know the scams are innumerable. Apollo is no scam They are real and the best. She comforted us on our loss and even called Dominic by name until we were able to pick him up. She gave us weekly updates on his growth and health, sent us pics and we still do the same, as it was requested by them, another sign they truly care for their pups. Apollo is a breeder that I consider the best of the best. Oh, and by the way our Doby is the largest at 5 months of any we've had, and his pedigree is exceptional. So, if you're wanting a Doby to show or to just have as a pet, they have the best and with the kindest gentle demeanor of any I've ever seen not the mention their beauty is amazing. So, as you've read, we will always recommend Apollo Kennels and will be reaching out to them for our next Doby. 

Damon and Lisa Marie  

Northeast Tn. 

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"Thank you again for everything, she's our definition of a dream dog."

Debbie L.

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